Nov 10 2014

A Day in the life of Chowder

tabby cat sitting

A Day in the life of Chowder

Day 1 – September 30, 2014

My weight loss journey begins


Hi there. My name is Chowder. My family and close friends call me Chickie. That’s my nickname. It’s a long story. I am a 7 year old, what some would call a regular old kitty (a domestic shorthair) but I hear that I am nothing short of fabulous. I’m a black and brown tabby. I am fat. I can’t help it. I love to eat. Don’t you? And really in my defense I live indoors only, it’s hard sometimes to get proper exercise. I run around a lot inside, especially at like 2am. Best time to foolishly run around. Anyway….this is one of my stories. It’s my weight loss journey.

Seven wonderful years ago I was found outside of Lowe’s in a box with my 3 other siblings. We couldn’t even see then we were so brand new. The people brought us to Flannery Animal Hospital in New Windsor, NY. Lucky for us a kitty momma lived there. She just had kittens weaned and was happy to take us on. I lived there for a while and met a lot of people. One lady came to see me and squeeze me all the time, she works at the hospital. Eventually I was the only one left and my Mom knew all along I was the kitty for her. Pretty soon I too was heading to my new home! I’ve been there ever since. Mommy says I am her number one boy. Don’t tell my brother Binx though. Although I bet she says that to both of us. Binx is from the hospital too. But that is a story for another day. Today I start one of many adventures.

I’m not sure how it exactly happened but I am overweight, a nice18 pounder to be exact. I really should weigh about 14 pounds according to my new weight loss program. Momma entered me into a contest for employee pets at Flannery’s. It’s called the “Lose to Win Challenge” and it’s sponsored by a company called Hill’s. They make the food we’ll be eating called Metobolic Diet. I am a little nervous because I really enjoy eating and I’m not sure what to expect. I tend to freak out a little at meal times and meow like someone is forcibly squeezing me. I kind of feel like that gets the point across though, the sound of desperation helps ensure I get fed. At least I think it helps. I’ve tried the food and I enjoy it. But then again I probably would eat a tin can with little to no encouragement. Tomorrow is the big day, I will be officially dieting. Good luck and Godspeed to my fellow pork chops who are joining me in what could be disastrous or just OK.

Tune in for the continued saga of Chowder’s weight loss challenge

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