Dec 18 2014

Chowder – The next Chapter

tabby cat sprawled out laying on back on floor

               I’ve made it through week 1….barely.  I am officially sending out an SOS. Not just for my belly which must be empty, but for my Mom, who has clearly lost her mind! Measured food? Timed feedings? What is this world coming to?? Ok maybe I haven’t been free fed since I was a baby.  And maybe Mom measured my food since then also but something is different I just know it.  I’m a cat, we know these things.  I loved free feeding back in those days.  I would wake up from a nap, stumble over to the food dish, eat and then pass back out.  It was amazing. But Mom said I lost my sense of hunting

and it wasn’t good for my metabolism.  So we are working on hunting now.  She hides some of my dry food around the house and I hunt for it. Which I’m awesome at since I’m so food motivated.  Binx needs a little work.

                I may have tried hunting for cans in the recycling bin by knocking it over in search of grubbings, but I will not confirm or deny at this time. Actually it’s really not that bad but I have to be dramatic when it comes to food which will get me more.  That’s how we operate.  Then you think we are soooo cute and we get more treats.  I get treats now, two daily are included as part of my weight loss program.  This is quite possibly the best time of day ever, besides breakfast, oh and dinner…..and nap time, oooooh and playtime! Did I tell you about playtime?? This little red dot comes out to play with us and we chase it all the house.  I haven’t caught him yet but someday I will, I promise you that!  I’m told exercise is a really important part of weight loss.  We have lots of toys and the red dot, and sometimes our human throws pieces of food across the house for us to chase.  They are so quick those little pieces but they NEVER get away from me.  It is a delightful way to combine snacks and play; I’ve grown to enjoy it.  Which of course is borderline monumental for a cat….enjoyment that is.  Well I’m off to search the perimeters in case I overlooked a snack while hunting, highly unlikely but double checking cannot hurt.

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