Jan 20 2015

Chowder’s Holidays, Maintaining his diet and a trip to the vet!!

tabby cat jumping on kitchen cabinet
My Favorite Christmas present

My Favorite Christmas present

Oh my gosh what a month! Don’t you just love the holidays?? Umm yea that’s what people who are not on diets say!!  Especially when you know   Italians, all the seafood! Oh how I would have loved a nice Christmas fish! All the lovely grub around and I got none of it! I did get an awesome gift though, my own personal grooming station. I just adore it. Binx and I had a great day, we got presents and cat nip, it was so much fun! But I’m still on a diet.
I really went out of my way to harass Momma.  I broke her down a little. She upped my dry food a bit. Ha…humans are so easy. But she got strict again. I guess weight loss for kitties is hard on the people too.  This is what she tells me, that I eat what she gives me so it’s her fault if I’m fat. I prefer plump? No maybe I’m just a big cat! Let’s go with that instead.

Anyway…. It’s been a tough few weeks in the weight loss world. I hurt my shoulder too so I had to ease up on exercise. Naturally I wouldn’t tell Momma how I did it.  I thought it would be fun to let her figure it out. Mental note: wrong! This line of thinking got me a trip to the vet! An absolutely horrible experience mind you. Do I really need to explain why?? Shoved in a carrier, car ride, scary new place with strange smells. Luckily Flannery’s is a certified feline friendly practice through the American Association of Feline Practitioner’s.  This makes things a little easier. They have a cat only waiting room. Of course because Momma works there I get VIP access, no waiting up front for me. They also have a cat only ICU in the back. There is feliway in there to make us happy.   Well anyway, I saw Dr. Stillman. Momma said he is a…….CCRP certified canine rehabilitation practitioner. So apparently he’s the man.

He moved my shoulder in a few different ways. I thought about biting him when it went one way but lucky for him I just winced. That was enough to let him know what bothered me. He said rest and a shot. Crazy man. Rest I agree with, but a shot?!? Dislike! But it did help and I’m feeling better. Back to exercising!

I had some extra time between bird watching and planning how to destroy the garbage truck so I included some links for my fellow kitties and their humans. Check out the feline friendly stuff, Feliway and the fabulous Dr. Stillman.






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