Feb 25 2015

Does this hot dog make me look fat??

brown tabby cat wearing a hot dog costume

Does this hot dog make me look fat? I’m not really sure what the point of this is but Mom seems happy. In other news…..the best thing ever happened! Someone left the closet door ajar giving open access to a giant bag of food all night! It was like Christmas came early! You don’t know ecstasy¬†until you’ve shoved your head into a 25 pound bag of food and eaten until your heart is content. Ahhhh….what a great night that was. Mom said she was wondering why I wasn’t singing the song of my people outside the bedroom door as usual. Because we grazed baby! Normally Binx and I wait by the door in the morning for the right time to wake her up. I paw at the door and meow until Mom throws a tissue box at it to quiet me down for 15 minutes. Something about 4:30 being too early and cats not having a snooze button. I don’t know what that is but a snooze button sounds fabulous! Nap time anyone? Binx likes to sleep at the end of the bed but I prefer to jump on the nightstand and knock things off and then stare at Momma. I feel it’s an effective way of communicating. She feels it’s an effective way to ensure we sleep in the living room. Speaking of effective, have you ever used google? I recently heard about this interesting little search engine. I’m planning to use the laptop tonight to find out more about this Metabolic diet I am on at Hills Pet Food¬†then I am going to find out how to take control of the local supermarket.

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