Apr 02 2015

Chowder invites your pet to become the biggest loser!

black cat and brown tabby sitting

Well the dreaded contest is over, although things haven’t changed much here.  I was under the impression that when this contest was over the Chowder restrictions would end.  Not so, not so at all.  I’m still on a diet. Shocking right? Yea…I responded the same way.  I am currently in negotiations with Mom. Keep ya posted on that.

So I didn’t win the Lose to Win Challenge. But I did lose weight! And I still am.  I must admit, although I do enjoy as much excessive eating as possible, I feel pretty good.  And it shows! I’m already more playful according to Mom.  Some of Mom’s friends did really well.  Allie Cat won first place, and sisters Wednesday (Big fat) and Mischief got 2nd and 3rd!  Big Fat’s Mom says now they have to call her Big Skinny!  The dogs did well too.  Jack O’Lantern won first place (funny name right?) I’m told he’s cute as a button…. Anyway, 2nd place went to Tyson, apparently he was a little porker too.  And Boo Boo took 3rd place.  They won some great prizes…ready for this…brace yourself….free food! How fabulous is that! Hills gave 6 months, 4 months, and 2 months-worth of free food to the top three! And even better news!  Flannery’s is opening up the contest to clients!

 Starting April 1 we (I say we like I work there also, I am a cat so clearly I do not work…ever…but I do consider myself a representative, a very important cat if you will), so like I was saying, April 1st we will begin signing up pets who are looking to get in shape for the summer!  The sign up period will end in 30 days.  The contest itself will run for 2 months.  But the best part is when you purchase a bag or case of Metabolic Diet you will get one free! You will also get a free bag of treats at the first evaluation and another when you return for the free weight rechecks.  Can you imagine?? I said the phrase “free food” so many times today I think I need a snack! First place will win a 6 month supply of Metabolic diet, 2nd a 4 month supply and 3rd a 2 month supply. Not to mention the bragging rights and photo op.   That is nothing to sneeze at eh?  I’m so excited I think I’ll zoom around the house! Actually I think I will wait until around 3am for that, better time for a case of the zoomies.  In any case, I am officially inviting all my friends, cats and dogs, to come into Flannery Animal Hospital for a free weight loss evaluation.  As long as you are a current client and your adorable friend is up to date on a physical exam.  The awesome (my mom suggested that adjective) team at FAH will design a specific weight loss plan and feeding schedule for your own little pork chop.  They will go over all the details and set you up on the path to success.  I won’t lie to you, it’s not an easy road, this new age be-healthy stuff.  But it is sooooo worth the benefits.  We can avoid all kinds of obesity-related health issues! If you are not a current client we welcome you to join our family.  If your pet is not up to date on a physical come on in! Good luck everyone, may the best fatty mcgoober win!

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