Jul 01 2015

Pet Wellness

Wellness exams for your pet may reduce your overall cost of veterinary care and result in improved quality of life.

Just like their owners, pets need routine wellness examinations. These exams may lead to earlier detection of disease, improved outcomes and greater quality of life. In addition, routine care and regular health screens usually result in less cost overall for the pet owner.

Wellness examinations are much more than vaccinations. Did you know routine blood work in conjunction with the veterinary physical exam can screen and detect abnormalities in the liver, kidney, heart, as well as check for periodontal disease, arthritis, ocular changes and parasites? Animals by nature are masters at hiding pain and illness. This confirms the need for routine veterinary examinations and screening. Without these annual interventions, diseases may progress and greatly impact your pet’s quality of life.

Flannery Animal Hospital is committed to your pet’s wellness and believes in a collaborative approach to healthcare. We now offer an innovative and complimentary health risk assessments, known as The Pet Wellness Report, as part of your annual wellness exam. The Pet Wellness Report combined with screening blood work and a veterinary exam; provide a comprehensive assessment and wellness plan for your pet. Call Flannery Animal Hospital at 845-565 – 7387 today to schedule your pet’s customized wellness exam.

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