Dec 22 2016

See the Subtle Symptoms. Put an End to Your Pet’s Pain.

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“Mommy, my tummy hurts!” a human child might say; but how your pet communicates pain is significantly subtler: the cat seeking warmth or the less playful dog. That doesn’t look like suffering as we know it, yet it very well might be. Can you recognize what your pet is trying to tell you?

Just like people, animals suffer the effects of infections, bone diseases, joint and dental problems, surgery recovery and every other health issue you can imagine; and just like in people, that pain strongly decreases your pet’s quality of life.

Fortunately, you know your furry friend better than anyone. Since pain manifests itself in different ways for different animals, your deep understanding of your pet’s typical behavior gives you a unique insight.


Pain is often a symptom of a bigger issue that needs immediate as well as long-term attention. At Flannery Animal Hospital, we see the big picture and have a multi-modal approach to managing pain. We seek to get to the heart of the problem and create a customized treatment plan for every pet, using a mixture of pain medications, rehabilitation, non-surgical laser treatment, nutrition counseling and more; since no one size fits all.

So when you notice a change in your dog or cat’s behavior, please call to schedule an appointment. We’ll help you determine the best way to bring your pet back to his or her happy self!

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