Feb 16 2017

A Home (When You’re) Away From Home

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When you need to leave town, it can be frightening to entrust your pet to another person. Even if they mean well, not everyone understands appropriate pet care. Questions run through your mind, like, ‘What if they forget to administer my pet’s medicine?’ or ‘What if they don’t feed them according to their appropriate diet?’

These are questions you won’t have to worry about when your pet is in our hands. At Flannery Animal Hospital, we provide exclusive boarding to our current clients when they need it. Our facility accommodates dogs of all sizes, cats, small pocket pets and ferrets.

Kenneled separately and provided with clean and safe bedding, your pet will be taken outside several times a day for toileting and exercise. If they are on any medications, we will administer them according to your instructions. Boarded pets will be fed a highly digestible diet unless they have special dietary needs or preferences.

Your pet’s health and happiness are our primary concern, so you can rest easy knowing that your beloved pet is cared for, and more importantly, pampered while you’re away, and while they spend time at their “home away from home.” To learn more about our boarding options and policies for our clients, visit our website (http://bit.ly/27w48dT) or call 845-565-PETS.

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