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Flannery Animal Hospital is pleased to share the following list of Web site links for your convenience. These links are from trusted and respected sources that will enable you to gather more information on a variety of topics.

aaha                                                                American Animal Hospital Association

AmHeartwormSociety-e1351263246790                                                                   American Heartworm Society

AVMA-logo1-e1351263282983                                                                    American Veterinary Medicine Association

ask_my_vet-dot-net-e1351263335832                                                                Pet Health Checker

cornellvet-300x65   Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

care-credit                                Care Credit

                                                ASPCA Poison Control


healthy-pet-e1351263618764                                         Healthy Pet

logo.navt_-e1351263662914                                                             National Association of Veterinary Technicians

NYSVMS_logo-e1351263697810                                                                 NY State Veterinary Medicine Association

petpeoplesplace         People’s Pet Place

vetpartner          Veterinary Partner

capna-logo                        Companion Animal Practices of North America (CAPNA)

aspca     American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

       Cat Friendly Practice (CFP)




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