Our Veterinarians

We are proud of our team of dedicated professionals

We work together, consult with each other and help to educate each other in order to provide the best possible care for each animal that comes through our doors. Every member of our staff from the back office, to the doctors and technicians who interact directly with your pet, is committed to maintaining a high level of compassion. We look forward to building a relationship with you as we work together to help your pet enjoy a long, happy & healthy life.


  • male veterinarian petting chocolate lab

    Michael Kryger, DVM

    Dr. Michael Kryger joined Flannery Animal Hospital in 1977. He received his Bachelor of…
  • male veterinarian with brown dog on truck

    Frank Puccio, DVM

    Dr. Frank Puccio received his Bachelor of Science from Fordham University in 1978, and his…
  • male veterinarian with yellow labrador retriever

    David Stillman, DVM, CCRP

    Dr. David Stillman joined Flannery Animal Hospital in October 1990.  He received his…
  • Male veterinarian holding black and brown pomeranian

    Eric Evans, DVM

    Dr. Eric Evans received his Bachelor of Science in 1988 from Cornell University, and his…
  • male veterinarian checking xray

    Jay Stonefield, DVM

    Dr. Jay Stonefield joined Flannery Animal Hospital in 1997. He received his Bachelor of…
  • woman with yellow labrador retreiever

    Christina Winter, DVM

    Dr. Christina Winter joined Flannery Animal Hospital in 2001 after working in a practice…
  • female veterinarian holding small kitten

    Tracey Longo, DVM

    Dr. Tracey Longo received her Bachelor of Science in Zoology in 1997 from North Carolina…
  • male veterinarian holding black puppy

    Mark Masucci, DVM

    Dr. Mark Masucci joined Flannery Animal Hospital as a technician in 1996. After receiving…
  • man with black and white hound dog

    David Greenberg, DVM

    Dr. David Greenberg was born and raised in the Hudson Valley. After graduating high school…
  • woman with iguana lizard on her shoulder

    Laura Jaworski, DVM

    Dr. Laura Jaworski grew up in Massachusetts and received her Bachelor's degree in Animal…
  • smiling woman holding small black kitten

    Kim Z. Keller, DVM, CCRP

    Dr. Keller received her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry…
  • female veterinarian

    Sarah Stitzel, DVM

    Dr. Stitzel was born and raised in Melbourne, FL. She always admired her father, who was a…