Reproductive Services

Everyone loves puppies! To aid in the miracle of bringing these new fluffy lives into the world, we offer several reproductive services including counseling for the responsible breeding of dogs and cats.

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    Artificial Insemination

    Flannery Animal Hospital offers artificial insemination as an alternative to natural reproduction.  Whether you are looking for help because the natural reproductive process is not going as planned or because…

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    While most pregnancies are routine, there are times when a veterinarian-assisted birth becomes necessary.  For instance, in small breeds, sometimes the pelvis is just too narrow for the puppies they…

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    Progesterone Levels

    The main reason for unsuccessful breeding is improper timing. Testing progesterone levels of your pet can help the responsible breeder optimize conception rates. If you have been trying to breed…

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    There is no blood or urine test available to test for pregnancy in a dog or cat as there are no distinct hormonal differences between a pregnant animal and a…

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    If you are interested in breeding your dog or cat responsibly, Flannery Animal Hospital offers Reproductive Counseling Services.  Through counseling we address: Breeder responsibility Breeding of your dog or cat…