Laboratory Services

In House Blood Profiles – Our in-house laboratory is staffed by New York State-licensed veterinary technicians who perform testing and run lab work on-site, which provides expedient answers and information for our doctors.

Microscopic Evaluation – Flannery Animal Hospital’s in house laboratory utilizes microscopic evaluation to examine blood and tissue on a cellular level which helps to detect the presence of parasites or diagnose disease.  A blood differential (or CBC) is used in a variety of ways including to determine a baseline of health, as a screening test, an anemia test or as a test for infection.  Cytology is another extremely useful microscopic evaluation used for diagnoses.

Urine Cultures – A urine culture can reveal the amount of protein, sugar or acidity present in a sample of urine. Flannery Animal Hospital uses them as an effective diagnostic tool to determine the presence of urinary tract infections as well as kidney stones.

Outside Laboratory Services – In cases where we are unable to provide the laboratory testing in house, we utilize the most trusted outside laboratories in the industry including:  Antech Diagnostics, Idexx Laboratories, Heska as well as many University laboratories.



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