Puppy Play Care (It’s not just for Puppies!)

Here at Flannery Animal Hospital, we know the importance of keeping a watchful eye on your new puppy while you’re at work or school.


When you leave your canine companion with us we know you’re leaving your baby with us and we take the responsibility of caring for your loved one seriously. We provide a safe, spacious, and constructive environment for your canine companion to play and exercise. Dogs are allowed to play with other compatible dogs off leash while getting daily exercise, mental stimulation and socialization in a neutral environment.

It is especially important to socialize your puppy at an early age in order to establish well-mannered behavior with other dogs and people. Your puppy will benefit from their daily interaction with new people and playful canine friends. As part of their daily exercise program they are provided with fun toys to play with and encouraged to use agility training equipment.

Playcare-300x225All puppies are supervised at all times, and each puppy gets the one on one interaction needed to properly socialize with people. Puppies will also participate in play group time when all puppies are together and interacting with each other. In addition to Puppy Play Care, we also reinforce puppy training and basic obedience commands such as “Sit” “Stay” and “Down”. We work alongside all puppies and encourage these commands.  In between play time puppies will receive a nap time to relax and replenish themselves before starting the activities again.  Those puppies who need lunch will be fed during our nap time.  Meals will be provided for your puppy  including water, toys and bedding.  If your puppy is on a specific diet please pack him or her lunch.

playcare2-300x175To enroll your puppy in Puppy Play Care, please call our office (845-565-7387) and ask to speak to a member of our Puppy Play Care staff. We can go over the details of the application process to be sure your pet is comfortable in our program.

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