Video Otoscopy

What is video otoscopy?

Video otoscopy is the use of an otoscope (an instrument used to look in the ears) that has a tiny video camera that transmits images to a television screen.  These scopes use fiber optics to transmit a bright light to illuminate the ear canal. video-otoscope-in-use-300x225 In addition, video otoscopes have a working channel.  This allows the ear to be irrigated and vacuumed dry which helps remove debris that can cover important structures or changes in the ear.  Debris can also cause inflammation and infection in the ear.  The channel on this instrument can also used with instruments that can grab objects or tissue samples for cleaning or diagnostic purposes.  We can perform biopsies deep in the ear canal, remove foreign objects and determine the condition of the ear drum.  We can also take and print digital images.
Infected ear canal   
  Normal ear canal
video-ototscope-image-infected5-150x150 video-otoscoope-image-normal4-150x150


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